The smell of the Pacific Ocean wafts over lush Mexican greenery. Peels of laughter and the hum of conversation mingle with the sound of carnitas sizzling on an open mesquite charcoal grill. Nearby, fresh produce – ripe from the blazing tropical sun – is sold at roadside stands awash in vibrant, primary colors.

It's the spirit of these family-run, roadside taquerias that inspired us to create Elle Taco, a concept born of our deep appreciation for community, authenticity, and time-honored Mexican recipes, crafted from seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. 

Our menu features traditional Mexican recipes, which our taqueros learned growing up in various regions of Mexico. We make our gluten- and preservative-free corn totopos and tortillas daily at our onsite tortilleria (you’ll be able to purchase them online soon!). Our Culinary Consultant, Michelin Starred Chef, adds a classical flair to the mix. It’s this combination of tradition and innovation that makes our tacos so exceptional.  

We look forward to feeding you soon.