The Elle Taco story was born of family and tradition, we convey that to our guests with a friendly, vibrant and inclusive setting.  We are the next-gen neighborhood hangout, the place where locals and visitors of all kinds can take a break, celebrate life and enjoy delicious food and drinks.  Our team members are encouraged to learn on a daily basis and grow within our rapidly expanding movement.  Elle Taco offers a high starting wage and training programs developed by our Michelin Starred Chef and Restauranteurs with over 30 years combined industry experience.  If you are hard working, have a passion for hospitality and have ambitious career goals please apply below!



This position is the face of Elle Taco, treats each person visiting us as if they were a guest in their own home.  You will interact with guests and provide exceptional foods and gracious hospitality in a fun and clean environment.  Elle Taco is seeking intelligent, hard-working, detail oriented and outgoing individuals to join our team in both full and part-time roles.  In addition to a high starting wage, we provide various educational programs to help advance your career and you get a free taco each day you work!



This position is located in the heart of the house.  Elle Taco offers a unique opportunity to to enhance your skills by learning from our in-house Mexican Chefs and our Michelin Starred Culinary Consultant. You will be responsible for but not limited to food preparation, cooking, cleaning and learning on a daily basis.  You will help produce the highest quality foods in a fun and fast-paced environment.  Requirements include keeping a positive attitude, maintaining cleanliness, and obtaining your Food Handlers Certificate within 12 weeks of your start date.  Each day you work you are encouraged to enjoy a free taco!



This position will assume a leadership role and help foster an environment where all of our team members are provided the opportunity to learn, have fun and grow within a rapidly expanding movement.  We believe in leaders leading leaders.  You will be responsible for helping to lead and drive daily operations.  You will manage FOH and BOH team members and ensure all guests that visit Elle Taco have a positive experience.  With your guidance your Elle Taco location must always maintain a fun and clean environment.  Always ensuring each guest is treated as if they were a guest in your own home.  Elle Taco team members are encouraged to perform meaningful work and create meaningful local relationships.  Management is required to complete our extensive training program and obtain their Food Handlers Certificate within 12 weeks of their start date.  You also get to enjoy a free taco each day you work!